Inflatable Sewer Line Test Plug

Buy an inflatable sewer plug that matches the size of your main sewer pipe to avoid sewer problems.

You may need to plug your sewer line during a disaster as a back flowing sewer can cause considerable property damage and pose health hazards. You can avoid those promlems by way of plugging. Buy an inflatable sewer plug (test plug) that matches the size of your main sewer pipe. You can check our products easily. Our products are presented below. We are the biggest rubber pipe line test equipment producer in Turkey.

Inflatable Sewer Plug

Plugco manufacturer of inflatable pipe plugs, packers, pipe balloons, pipe stoppers, pneumatic plugs, rubber plugs, drain and sewer pipeline testing equipment. All Products have been produced in Turkey and Delivery terms can be EXW, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP as per client request. Transportation Method can be by Airfreight, by Sea freight by Express cargo or by Land Transportation.

Plugco produce Pipe Plug, Pipe Test Plug, Professional Pipe Test Plug, Low Pressure Test Plug, Conical Pipe Test Plug, Egg – Shaped Plug, Joint Test Plug, Single Size Test Plug, Flexible Packer, Gas (Nitrile Rubber)Plug and Manhole Test Plug. You can see all of Plugco product to visit Plugco homepage.

6 June 2016