Bypass Pipe Plugs

Bypass pipe plugs are equipped with bypass to enable the flow of sewage through the plug. That plugs made from SBR+NR mixed rubber, nylon cord, Kevlar cord and strong fabrics. Bypass Pipe Plug has excellent corrosive resistant, stretching and sealing properties.

They are ideal for installation and repair of residential, commercial or municipal piping applications such as storm sewer pipe maintenance. Bypass pipe plugs are effective on almost any type of pipe application. Bypass pipe plug has high resistant to chemicals such as solvents, acids, oil and hydrocarbons.

How to buy Bypass Pipe plug from Plugco?

PlugCo Products have been produced in Turkey and Delivery terms can be EXW, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP as per client request.

Transportation Method can be by Airfreight, by Sea freight by Express cargo or by Land Transportation.

12 July 2016