About PLUGCO Brand and Company


PLUGCO is the biggest rubber pipe line test equipment producer in TURKEY. PLUGCO team has experience for producing Pipe Plugs for all types of applications and distributing to all over the world for years.

Over the years the Pipe Plug division has grown into an extensive product line such as;

PlugCo Team
  • Flexible multi size pipe plug and pipe test plug
  • Single size pipe plug
  • Low air pressure pipe test plug
  • Manhole test plug
  • Oval pipe test plug
  • Conical pipe test plug
  • Joint Test Plug
  • Multi size short and packer
  • Gas (Nitrile Rubber) Plug

PLUGCO produce plugs up to 144”(DN3600) size and up to 6 Bar back pressure. That data prove of the PLUGCO products challenging quality.

All of PLUGCO products suitable to test according to European Standard EN 1610.

PLUGCO has an efficient shipping department committed to delivering those products to your project site or warehouse as soon as possible to meet needs of industries such as energy, power generation, water, sewer and construction.

Only a partial list of our products have been included on our website. Custom pipe plugs can be manufactured for high temperature, high pressure and chemical applications. Please contact a PLUGCO engineer to discuss your requirements for a custom production.
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