PlugCo will attend The WATEX Exhibition 2016


PlugCo will attend The WATEX Exhibition 2016 in Tehran, Iran 25-28 September. At 12th International Water and Wastewater Exhibition, PlugCo will be exhibiting its products. Please visit us in our booth, and take the opportunity to speak with our experienced sales staff about infrastructure solutions for your applications.

PlugCo is the biggest manufacturer of inflatable pipe plugs, packers, pipe balloons, pipe stoppers, pneumatic plugs, rubber plugs, drain and sewer pipeline testing equipment in Turkey. PlugCo produce plugs up to 144”(DN3600) size and up to 6 Bar back pressure. All of PlugCo products suitable to test according to European Standard EN 1610. PlugCo has an efficient shipping department committed to delivering those products to your project site or warehouse as soon as possible to meet needs of industries such as energy, power generation, water, sewer and construction. Click to see our catalog.

The WATEX Exhibition focuses exclusively on the Water industry will be held during 25-28 September 2016 in Tehran International Ground Fair. The objective of this exposition is to act as a comprehensive resource for the industry, its members, prospective business visitors and customers by providing in-depth information about the industry and the latest trends influencing its progress. Being attended by prominent electrical companies, equipment manufacturers and vendors, the expo offers participants the opportunity to network, learn about new technologies and techniques, exchange ideas and discuss about industry trends. All participants can benefit from great exposure to enhance their revenue channels and increase profits as this exhibition provides fabulous opportunity to reach out the maximum electrical professionals of Iran and world

WATEX Exhibition Details

  • Event Name: International Water and Wastewater Exhibition 2016
  • Exhibit Dates: September 25th (Sun.) ~ September 28th (Wed.)
  • Location: Tehran International Ground Fair.
  • Booth No: 38

Plugco Products Range

  • PP: Pipe Plug
  • PTP: Pipe Test Plug
  • PPTP: Professional Pipe Test Plug
  • LPTP: Low Pressure Test Plug
  • CTP: Conical Pipe Test Plug
  • ESP/ESTP: Egg Shaped Test Plug
  • JTP: Joint Test Plug
  • SSTP: Single Size Test Plug
  • FPTP: Flexible Packers
  • GTP: Gas Plug
  • MTP: Manhole Test Plug
  • PPS: Pipe Plug Protective Sleeve