Product List of PLUGCO Products and Accessories

This page contains a list of PlugCo products designed to help you.
Product Photo Product Name Item Code Size
Range (Bar)
Pipe Plug Pipe Plug PPXXXXXX 30-2000 0,2-6,0
Application: Pipes and circular tubes blocking the line to stop flow.
2014-05-21_22h01_34 Pipe Test Plug PTPXXXXXX 35-2000 0,2-6,0
Application: Pipes and circular tubes blocking the line to stop flow.
Professional Pipe Professional Pipe Test Plug PPTPXXXXXX 70-1200 0,2-1,0
Pipes and circular tubes blocking and allow to test the line by bypass connection. Also it allows discharge the air which compressed inside pipe during test.
Low Pressure Low Pressure Test Plug LTPXXXXXX 300-1100 0,01
Application: Test plug for low pressure air tests.
Joint Test Plug Joint Test Plug JTPXXXXXX 400-2800
Application: Pipe joints / connections points testing plug.
Flexible Packers Flexible Packers With Bypass FPXXXXXX 100-600
Application: Allows to repair damaged section of pipes by using repair kits.
Single Size Pipe Single Size Pipe Test Plugs SSTPXXXXXX 200-700 6,0
Application: Single size high pressure application.
Egg Shaped  Plug Egg Shaped Plug ESPXXXXXX 150/200 – 750/900 0,5
Application: Oval profile pipes, tubes and channels plugging / blocking and stop the flow.
Egg Shaped Egg Shaped Test Plug ESTPXXXXXX 150/200 – 750/900 0,5
Application: Testing for Oval profile pipes, tubes and channels by bypass connections.
Egg Shaped Conical Plug CP/CTPXXXXXX 70-3600 0,5-1,0
Application: Non volume products. So it can plug and test confined space application. Allow easily entrance to narrow inlet of manholes
Menhole Manhole Test Plug MTPXXXXXX 600-850 0,2
Application: Special design for Manhole testing.
Pipe Plug Gas (Nitrile Rubber) Plug GTPXXXXXX 70-500 1,0
Application: Allows to test gas and petrochemical lines.