Welcome to PlugCo – a division of the ArgeSim Group – and the largest, most experienced supplier of high-quality infrastructure testing equipment in Turkey. From its headquarters in Corum, PlugCo designs, manufactures and ensures on-time delivery of pipe testing equipment from its extensive line ofproducts that includes:

PlugCo Products


PlugCo Team

  • Flexible multi-size pipe plugs and pipe test plugs with bypass connection
  • Low air pressure pipe test plugs
  • Manhole test plugs
  • Oval pipe test plugs
  • Conical pipe test plugs
  • Joint Tester
  • Multi-size flexible packers and bendy for in-situ piping repairs
  • Gas (Nitrile Rubber) Plugs

About PlugCo

PlugCo’s standard pipe plugs are manufactured for pipe diameters from 30 cm (1.2”) to 3,600 mm(144”); back pressures up to 6 Bar (87 psi) can be safely tolerated. All Plugco products are suitable forpipe testing according to the requirements of European Standard EN 1610 and American Standard ASTMC969M.

Our customer base has grown considerably in the nearly 20 years that we have been serving the infrastructure industry and now represents many of its sectors – energy; water and sewer construction, repair and testing; petrochemical and chemical for example. We continue to grow year-by-year, adding new customers in new markets and developing new plug designs and products for our catalogue. PlugCo currently exports to over 40 countries on five continents. We have distributors and resellers in Europe,Asia, North America and Australia.

Should your pipe plug, joint tester or pipe packer application require a specialized product that willsafely withstand high temperatures, high inflation or back pressures, or chemical resistance for instance, PlugCo’s team of engineers, designers and fabricators will work with you to develop custom-made equipment that meets your specific needs. Simply contact us by telephone, email or through our website to discuss with our specialists the right choice of product for your project.

Our shipping department has global experience and will deliver your orders to your project, warehouseor site in accordance with your needs and timelines. Our delivery terms are flexible – DDP and DAP areonly two of the many arrangements we can accommodate.

We can even provide on-site training in the safe use and care of pipe plugs, pipe packers or joint testers for your employees or contractors. You may also view our library of instructional on-line videos, downloadable manuals, and information brochures on our website

At Plugco, we enjoy what we do and we love making our customers happy. We look forward to adding your name and your company to our family.

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