Obturateur de Purge à Double Etanchéité Efficace

Tableau Technique

EDP08 200mm 8 pouces 190 – 15mm 1.4kg
EDP10 250mm 10 pouces 242 – 267mm 1.7kg
EDP12 300mm 12 pouces 291 – 316mm 2.1kg
EDP14 350mm 14 pouces 318 – 343mm 2.5kg
EDP16 400mm 16 pouces 369 – 394mm 2.7kg
EDP18 450mm 18 pouces 420 – 445mm 3.0kg
EDP20 500mm 20 pouces 471 – 496mm 3.4kg
EDP22 550mm 22 pouces 553 – 577mm 3.6kg
EDP24 600mm 24 pouces 572 – 597mm 3.8kg
EDP26 650mm 26 pouces 620 – 645mm 4.5kg
EDP28 700mm 28 pouces 671 – 696mm 5.5kg
EDP30 750mm 30 pouces 722 – 747mm 6.0kg
EDP32 800mm 32 pouces 772 – 797mm 8.0kg
EDP36 900mm 36 pouces 874 – 899mm 9.1kg
EDP40 1000mm 40 pouces 990 – 1015mm 9.9kg
EDP42 1050mm 42 pouces 1023 – 1048mm 13.2kg
EDP44 1100mm 44 pouces 1125 – 1150mm 13.7kg
EDP48 1200mm 48 pouces 1175 – 1200mm 15.0kg
EDP54 1371mm 54 pouces 1359 – 1384mm 18.0kg
EDP60 1524mm 60 pouces 1512 – 1537mm 20.0kg
EDP72 1828mm 72 pouces 1816 – 1841mm 28.0kg
EDP80 2031mm 80 pouces 2019 – 2044mm 30.0kg

* La Production Personnalisée est Disponible.

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  • What are the delivery terms of PlugCo?+

    PlugCo offers worldwide delivery and has exported its products to more than 50 countries in the 6 continents so far. Thanks to its express services and airfreight shipping, PlugCo always guarantees the best delivery time for its clients. The main delivery terms we are offering are DAP to the client’s address, CIP to the client’s closest airport and FCA-Turkey. We also offer DDP delivery term for many countries such as USA, KSA, UAE, Morocco… Our Delivery terms are always flexible and can be changed as per the client’s requirements.

  • What is the Country of Origin of PlugCo Efficient Double Welding Purge Plug? +

    The Efficient Double Welding Purge Plug Models are made in United Kingdom.

  • What is Efficient Double Welding Purge Plug?+

    Efficient Double Welding Purge Plug enables high speed welding of larger diameter pipe joints that have to be purged. It is used for stainless, duplex, chrome steels, titanium, nickel and other alloy materials.

  • Can we use one EDP Model for many pipe sizes?+

    EDP Model is single size plug which means that you can use one EDP Model for only one pipe size. For example, you can use EDP40 for a 1000mm pipe diameter.

  • Is PlugCo offering any training of how to use Efficient Double Welding Purge Plug?+

    PlugCo is providing trainings to its clients of how to use the Efficient Double Welding Purge Plugs correctly, and in the end of training, PlugCo is giving certificates to the concerned ones. In addition, PlugCo is assisting its clients by providing on-site supervision.

  • What are the storage conditions of the Efficient Double Welding Purge Plug?+

    The Efficient Double Welding Purge Plugs should be stored in a dark & dry place, away from direct sunlight, and the temperature must be between +5°C and +25°C.