Efficient Double Welding Purge Plug

Used for stainless, duplex, chrome steels, titanium, nickel and other alloy materials, the Double Purge System systems enable high speed welding of larger diameter pipe joints that have to be purged. Designed to enable the user to produce high quality, reliable and repeatable welding of stainless steel tube and pipe joints to ensure a very fast weld purge time and a very high quality weld root, free from oxidation and discolouration. A 36″ diameter pipe will purge to below 0.1% oxygen in less than 10 minutes and all smaller pipes correspondingly faster.

Dramatic savings of time, gas and money can be made by using these systems. Due to the quality of the materials used, the Efficient Double Welding Purge Systems can be used over and over again urther reducing manufacturing costs. As with all of the Pipe Purge System inflatable purging systems, the Efficient Double Welding Purge Systems come with pre-set valves, so are ready to use ‘straight out of the box’. Efficient Double Welding Purge has been developed specifically to enable high speed purging for any pipe welding application.

Sizing and Specification

EDP08 200mm 8″ 190 – 15mm 1.4kg
EDP10 250mm 10″ 242 – 267mm 1.7kg
EDP12 300mm 12″ 291 – 316mm 2.1kg
EDP14 350mm 14″ 318 – 343mm 2.5kg
EDP16 400mm 16″ 369 – 394mm 2.7kg
EDP18 450mm 18″ 420 – 445mm 3.0kg
EDP20 500mm 20″ 471 – 496mm 3.4kg
EDP22 550mm 22″ 553 – 577mm 3.6kg
EDP24 600mm 24″ 572 – 597mm 3.8kg
EDP26 650mm 26″ 620 – 645mm 4.5kg
EDP28 700mm 28″ 671 – 696mm 5.5kg
EDP30 750mm 30″ 722 – 747mm 6.0kg
EDP32 800mm 32″ 772 – 797mm 8.0kg
EDP36 900mm 36″ 874 – 899mm 9.1kg
EDP40 1000mm 40″ 990 – 1015mm 9.9kg
EDP42 1050mm 42″ 1023 – 1048mm 13.2kg
EDP44 1100mm 44″ 1125 – 1150mm 13.7kg
EDP48 1200mm 48″ 1175 – 1200mm 15.0kg
EDP54 1371mm 54″ 1359 – 1384mm 18.0kg
EDP60 1524mm 60″ 1512 – 1537mm 20.0kg
EDP72 1828mm 72″ 1816 – 1841mm 28.0kg
EDP80 2031mm 80″ 2019 – 2044mm 30.0kg

* Larger sizes and specials available on request