Double Seal Purge Plug

Due to the design of these systems, the volume of gas used to purge is minimised, resulting in significant savings in both time and the quantity of inert gas used. Return on investment can be achieved in as little as just one or two welds. These robust systems can be used over and over again paying for themselves in very little time.

Double Seal Purge Systems

Used for 90% of the traditional pipe weld purging applications to provide bright, shiny, oxide free weld roots. The Double Seal Purge System are quick and easy to use providing a very rapid weld purge. High quality materials are used in the manufacture of these systems guaranteeing perfect oxide-free weld roots in very little time.

Sizing and Specification

DP02 50mm 2″ 0.34kg 44 – 57mm
DP03 75mm 3″ 0.34kg 58 – 84mm
DP04 100mm 4″ 0.34kg 80 – 110mm
DP05 125mm 5″ 0.38kg 103 – 135mm
DP06 150mm 6″ 0.38kg 124 – 162mm
DP08 200mm 8″ 0.90kg 175 – 213mm
DP10 250mm 10″ 1.0kg 230 – 265mm
DP12 300mm 12″ 1.1kg 265 – 305mm
DP14 350mm 14″ 1.3kg 330 – 355mm
DP16 400mm 16″ 1.7kg 380 – 405mm
DP18 450mm 18″ 1.8kg 430 – 455mm
DP20 500mm 20″ 1.9kg 485 – 510mm
DP22 550mm 22″ 2.2kg 535 – 560mm
DP24 600mm 24″ 2.5kg 585 – 610mm

* Larger sizes and specials available on request, however Double Seal Purge System on pages 32 & 33 strongly recommended over 12″