Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the back pressure?Read More

    Back pressure is calculated using the elevation difference between the upstream and downstream ends of the test line, or, in other words, the height of the water column behind the plug. Ten meters of water column equals 1 Bar back pressure. The surface area and the shape of the water column are not important, only […]

  • Can I use inflatable pipe plug for oil and gas applications?Read More

    Standard or regular inflatable pipe plugs should not be used in applications where oil, gasoline or other petrochemical fluids are in contact with the plug. The materials of these plugs do not have adequate resistance to chemical attack from these fluids. Instead, PlugCo recommends using its special Gas Test Plugs constructed of high-quality nitrile rubber […]

  • What is a bypass connection?Read More

    A bypass connection, or “Flow Through Connection” is a pipe that passes entirely through the plug, from one end to the other. It can be used for filling the piping to be tested with air or water. It can also be used to bypass the water flow and discharge it to another line connected to […]

  • What are the important factors selecting a pipe plug?Read More

    You should consider the following items when selecting a plug: Pipe size Back Pressure Media used for leak testing – water, petrochemicals, etc. Requirement or need for a bypass connection

  • Can PlugCo manufacture custom products?Read More

    We have made custom pipe plugs for many customers who needed specialized designs tailored to their specific applications. If you feel you need a custom plug, just contact our team who will gladly work with you to understand your requirements and suggest a solution fitted to your specific application.

  • What are the differences between Pipe Plug and Pipe Test Plug?Read More

    Both plugs have essentially the same design. The PTP plugs do have a bypass connection which can be used to fill the piping to be tested with water or other test media fluids.

  • What are the differences between Pipe Plug and Conical Plug models?Read More

    The application field is same for both plugs. They are used mainly for temporarily blocking the pipe line. But the CP model plugs do have some advantages when compared to PP model plugs. The differences between Pipe Plug and Conical Plug For its size, a CP plug has a relatively lower weight A CP plug […]

  • What type of pipes are suitable to be plugged?Read More

    PlugCo’s products are suitable for all kind of pipe lines including concrete, steel, cast iron, PVC and CPVC. Before a stopper is installed in any pipe however, the piping should be thoroughly and properly cleaned of all foreign debris or substances to ensure solid contact between the plug and the pipe wall.

  • What are PlugCo’s delivery terms?Read More

    We can deliver your order to wherever you specify by air freight with the best available delivery time. We are pleased to offer many delivery terms including: CIP to any Air Port: “Carriage and Insurance Paid” means that the seller delivers the goods to the carrier or another person nominated by the buyer to an […]

  • What are PlugCo’s Payment Terms?Read More

    PlugCo support the following payment methods: Wire transfer, credit card by mail order, cash and letter of credit

  • How is the Joint Tester used?Read More

    It is used for testing pipe joints. Joint tester is the fasted solution for concrete pipe joints test. Also it is applicable for GRP pipes joints.

  • What are the advantages of using Joint Tester?Read More

    Joint tester is used for testing large diameter pipes. The water consumption is very low and testing time is very less.

  • What are PlugCo’s warranty terms?Read More

    PlugCo provides a one-year warranty against manufacturing or material defects. If any of our products are found to be defective, PlugCo will choose to either repair or replace the products at our expense.

  • Why I should prefer PlugCo products for pipe rehabilitation?Read More

    PlugCo is the largest pipe line test equipment producer in TURKEY. The biggest advantage of the PlugCo fast delivery for worldwide.

  • Where can I purchase PlugCo products?Read More

    We have many distributors and resellers all over the world. Also we provides world wide delivery

  • What are the testing standards?Read More

    All PlugCo products satisfy the testing requirements of European Standard EN 1610, Construction and testing of drains and sewers. Please note that as per that standard, the test pressure for leak testing by water is 0.5 bar and the test pressure for leak testing by air is 0.2 bar. Also PlugCo products are suitable for […]

  • What type of tests are applicable?Read More

    Leak test can be performed by PlugCo inflatable plugs. Air test or water test options is available.

  • What is a multiple-size pipe plug?Read More

    Multiple-size plugs can be used for testing several pipe diameters. For example, Model PP100200 is suitable for any diameter from 100 mm (4”) up to 200.

  • Are PlugCo pipe stoppers fexible?Read More

    Yes, our stoppers are flexible. The following link will take you to photos which demonstrate the flexibility of our plugs.