What is Pipe Plug and how does it work?

Many storm drainage pipe lines, sanitary sewer lines and other low-pressure underground piping systems do not have valves, spectacle flanges or other equipment to block fluid flow in the line, isolate a section of pipe and allow for inspection, maintenance or modification. PlugCo has the answer to this dilemma – how to easily block these lines and permit access to them without the need for expensive, maintenance-intensive valves and flanges! PlugCo’s extensive range of pipe sealing/pipe repair products include many designs of inflatable stoppers or balloons which can be inserted into a pipeline to stop fluid flow and permit the desired inspection, maintenance or modification.

PlugCo produces inflatable pipe plugs in sizes from 35mm (1.4 inches) to 3600mm (142 inches / or 11.8 feet) in diameter. The designs of these plugs fit into 3 broad categories – cylindrical, single-size plugs; cylindrical, multi-size plugs; and conical plugs.

As their name suggests, single-size plugs are used to seal or block a single pipe diameter. For example, a 100 mm single-size plug is suited to sealing a 100 mm (4 inch) pipeline. Multi-size plugs, on the other hand, can successfully block flow in more than a one pipe size; a PlugCo PP10002000 plug will stop fluid flow in pipe sizes from 1000 to 2000mm (40 inch to 80 inch) diameter. When a utility or contractor needs pipe plugs for a limited range of pipe diameters, the relatively inexpensive cylindrical plug design, either in a single-size or in the more adaptable multi-size design, offers a low-cost, effective method of sealing the pipe and blocking fluid flow. PlugCo offers cylindrical pipe plugs up to 2000mm (80in) in diameter.

A conical pipe plug, although more expensive, has several advantages over a cylindrical plug design. Conical pipe plugs are manufactured in larger sizes than conical (cylindrical) plugs – up to 3600mm (144in / 12ft) in diameter. The most significant difference between the two designs however, is that a conical pipe plug can be folded to a small diameter which can be easily inserted into a narrow or constricted opening. In many cases, this advantage means that a manhole cover need not be removed, or even located near the location where a conical plug is to be inserted or inflated.

In addition to its extensive product line of pipe plugs and conical plugs, PlugCo has special products to test individual pipe joints. By testing only a single pipe joint, these joint testers have low water consumption which translates into lower testing costs and reduced environmental impact.

What is Pipe Plug and how to use it?

Although PlugCo mainly serves the ‘water infrastructure’ industry – sewer, storm drains, and potable water pipe lines, the sealing of hydrocarbon lines such as oil, petrol and natural gas is also within PlugCo’s scope. Our nitrile rubber gas plugs provide excellent resistance against petrochemical fluids. PlugCo produces gas plugs capable of withstanding up to 6 bar pressure for Pig applications in oil and gas lines.

But there is more. In addition to pipe plugs, joint testers and gas plugs, we produce flexible pipe packers for point repairs of sewer, drainage and water lines. These products provide a no-dig, trenchless solution for pipe repairing that will be attractive to both utilities and contractors. Straight or lateral packers are for straight lines repairing, and ‘bendy’ packers for repairing 45 and 90 degree elbows. PlugCo also provides pillow packers for point repair of large pipe sizes. Pillow packers, like the conical pipe plugs discussed earlier, can be folded to easily fit through narrow or constricted openings.

At PlugCo, our entire team is dedicated to meeting your special needs. We have developed and manufactured a special stainless steel plug for Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) repairs. This plug uses process steam to accelerate the curing process and the SS construction is significantly different from other CIPP plugs in the marketplace. Custom products are always available: our engineers, designers, technicians and fabricators look forward to working with you on your specific requirements.

PlugCo’s shipping department provides world-wide delivery for our customers. Our customers receive their products at their doorsteps. We have many resellers covering our global market, and additionally, we have appointed exclusive distributers for our products in the US, Romania, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran and Morocco to better serve our expanding customer base. We will be glad to add you to our family. Give us a call or contact us through our website.