Smart Pressure Control System

Inflatable pipe stopper is mainly for temporarily blocking and stopping the flow in the pipe lines. These flows can be sewer, storm water, gas or oil. Also, they can be used for gravity pipelines leakage testing. These pipe stoppers are generally inflatable products. So, inflation pressure is one of the most important parameters. PlugCo provides several different models of pressure control devices as per the application details. One of them is Smart Pressure Control System (SPCS).

SPCS is a master control device. PlugCo certainly recommends to use it for long-term operations. This device allows to inflate the plug automatically up to its inflation pressure. If its pressure drops 0,1 bar from inflation pressure, it starts to inflate and once the pressure arrives to the required inflation pressure, it automatically stops. The main advantage of this device is that, nobody must check its inflation pressure manually. Open the valve and continue to do your other works with no worries. This device should be connected to an air compressor while using.

Smart Pressure Control System (SPCS) provides automatic inflation for inflatable products, such as pipe plugs, to the required pressure. Thus, it controls the inflation pressure as per the specified pressure value. In other words, it doesn’t allow the inflation pressure to go above or below the set pressure value. For example, if there is a change in pressure due to external factors such as the environment temperature, it supplies or release air to keep the pressure at the specified value.

The Smart Pressure Control System is mechanically set to the required pressure. Then, it operates via the On/Off switch button. The analog pressure gauge placed on the box is used to monitor the inflation pressure.

The device has a single air supply connection and two accesses to the pressurized area. It is equipped with a solenoid valve and a pressure relief valve, which are used to maintain and control the pressure. Smart Pressure Control System can be used for maintaining the pressure of different media, such as air, gas or water.

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PlugCo offers different models for controlling/monitoring the pressure which you can review from this link. PlugCo team is always ready to assist you for all your inquiries and you can reach us anytime by e-mail or WhatsApp.