Joint Testers

Plugco manufactures joint testers in different in diameters and pressures. Plugco has gradually strengthened its position in the sector by producing pipe plugs, joint testers for underground lines, and constantly working on improving its products range. With its expert staff, Plugco can respond to various demands by producing products for special diameters.

All of our products are manufactured in our factory: We have full control over the design and quality of a product we produce, and all our equipment is tested before delivering it. Also, we work with our clients to determine the best solution to suit their specific demands and produce the suitable product.

Why Do We Use Pipe Joint Tester?

Joint testers are trenchless solutions for tightness testing at the joints in concrete pipelines. Joint testers are designed to be used with air and/or water. Plugco joint testers can be used to test any type of pipe material including concrete, PVC, steel, as well as concrete pipes with plastic liners. Joint Testers have many advantages, such as less water consumption and fast test time of joints. It can easily move inside the pipe due to its wheels. When we want to test the joints, we use a joint tester as it requires less time, less water amount, easy testing, and easy movement inside the pipe; A Joint tester isolates a single pipe joint for testing which makes the test area is limited and small. Therefore, the minimum amount of water can be used. Since a minimum amount of water is used, the water filling time will be much reduced and the overall test period will be shorter. The disadvantageof the joint tester is that it is single size, which means that it can be used only for one pipe dia.

High-Pressure Joint Tester for Gravity Lines

High-Pressure Joint tester is mainly made of metal body bonded to extra reinforced rubber used to seal or test high-pressure pipelines. The Pipe Joint Tester ensures the leak test in pipeline joints. Joint testers are used for testing joints in a pipeline individually. After the test is complete the joint tester can be relocated down the pipeline to the next joint to be tested. High-Pressure Joint Tester is used to test the joints of Concrete and GRP pipelines of different sizes from 400 to 2600 mm. As a company, we are always ready to develop our products and produce special models for our clients in terms of bigger size or higher pressure.

Furthermore, for storage of the joint tester, make sure that they are away from direct sunlight and the store temperature is under 25°C. However, NEVER clean the joint tester with solvents, hydrocarbons, or other aggressive agents.

PlugCo also manufactures pipe testing plugsfor Drainage and Sewer Pipes. Besides, we are also producing pipe repair packers, which are used for point repair pipelines without digging.

Please visit our website to get more information about the operation of the Joint tester. Also, you can watch the joint tester operation video from this link.