Pipe Repair Packers

Pipe Patch Repair consists of proposing the most appropriate solution so that the damaged pipe can be put back into service in the best possible way. It is a profitable way to repair isolated damage to the sewer/drain length. The pipe patch is a short sleeve of matte glass fiber reinforced silicate resin. The repair patch is attached to a packer, which is pushed through the pipe and inflated over the damage. It can be installed in heavy infiltration situations, enabling quick installation and saving time through smooth application.

The point Repair Carrier, or as we referred to before, “Pipe Patch Repair,” is ideally suited when you have to realign a section of pipe without stopping the flow. It is known for its durability and reliability.

Pipe Repair Packer Specifications

PlugCo produces a vast range of rehabilitation packers, such as the flexible packer, which is positioned at the point of repair and inflated to press the patch against the damaged pipe. Another type, the bendy packer, is typically used for radius repairs, but sometimes it may be necessary to use a bendy packer in straight pipes as well. Additionally, the flow pillow packer — or the flat packer — is used to repair oval pipes or connect two different-diameter pipes.

Pipe Plugs and Packers are made of high-quality rubber for smooth and durable expansion, and are supplied with metal fittings for inflation and deflation.

Point Repair Carrier Provided by PlugCo

PlugCo manufactures Flexible Pipe Packer for sale, and this pipe packer or a Point Repair Carrier is preferred for its quality, durability, reliability, and flexibility.

PlugCo Pipe Patch Repair combines greater reinforcement with ease of use. These Packers are highly recommended as they allow the punctual rehabilitation of sewer pipes. It is preferable to use a Pipe repair packer rather than a replacement because it is robust, safe, secure, and ensures a fast process.

For example, replacement requires digging, which causes cleaning resins, clogging, and soiling of the surroundings.

Our pipe repair packers are of high quality, which makes them safe to use, guarantees long-term usability, and facilitates the process as they do not require the user to dig a hollow to fit the packer. However, low-quality pipe packers are at high risk of exploding and not having the required contact surface with the pipe. For this reason, we recommend the use of a high-quality Pipe Repair Packer.

PlugCo offers pipe plugs for sale with different models, e.g., Pipe Test Plug, Conical Plug, Steam Process Plug, and others, which are used for the sewage line leak test.

To further clarify, PlugCo only supplies the packers; we do not supply the patch repair chemicals. These chemicals can be purchased on the local market.

Not everyone can use Pipe Repair Packers properly; you need experience to learn how to use them. If you are interested in training, our engineers can provide you with valuable and useful training.

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