Cylindrical or Conical Pipe plugs?

Cylindrical Pipe Plugs

Cylindrical pipe plugs, as their name suggests, have a constant diameter along their entire length. Unlike conical plugs, cylindrical plugs are not reduced at the ends. These plugs are suitable for pipes of uniform diameter and their simple design simplifies the insertion process. Cylindrical pipe plugs are made of reinforced rubber which are used for line testing, reappearing, blocking and sealing.

PlugCo, the worldwide manufacturer of pipe testing plugs for Drainage and Sewage Pipes. With its dynamic technical team, PlugCo offers a high-quality pipe plug used to seal or test sewer and drainage pipes of various sizes ranging from Dia. 35mm to Dia. 2200mm. Check the detailed technical data sheets and tables for each PlugCo cylindrical plug model, providing information on maximum allowable back pressure, range of use, inflation pressure and other key details, all as per the EN1016 Standard.

Conical Pipe Plugs

Conical pipe plugs, also known as Cone plugs, feature a shape that narrows towards one end. Conical plugs are light and foldable rubber cushion, which is used to seal or test pipelines for confined access points and large size pipes. These plugs are cold vulcanized out of a 100% pure CR (Neoprene) coated material, which means, the devices are glued by applying a special procedure without admixtures of foreign substances.

PlugCo also produces 15 different Conical Plugs, ranging from 90 mm to 3600mm.

Cylindrical Plugs Vs Conical Plugs

Features Cylindrical Plugs Conical Plugs
Sealing Efficiency Cylindrical plugs are effective in constant diameter pipes, providing a reliable leak-proof seal in this specific size range Conical plugs fit different pipe sizes perfectly, ensuring a reliable, leak proof seal
Versatility Cylindrical plugs are more specialized, best suited for pipes with consistent diameters. However, PlugCo has solved the problem by manufacturing multi-size cylindrical plugs:: Conical plugs are versatile and adaptable to different pipe sizes, making them suitable for a broader range of applications
Ease of Insertion – Cylindrical plugs are generally easy to insert into pipes with uniform dimensions.

– Cylindrical plugs must be braced to prevent sliding.


– This is the strongest point about Conical plugs, they can fit different pipe profiles.

– Conical plugs can fit and withstand under any back pressure.

Application Areas Cylindrical plugs are preferred in scenarios where pipes maintain a constant diameter. Conical Plugs are especially used for a place which cannot be reached easily, for example, if the manhole is not big enough, the conical plug is the right model to use as it is produced for ease of access in such difficult-to-reach areas.
Ease of Removal Cylindrical plugs are very easy to remove, as they deflate quickly. Conical plugs take a long time to deflate, which makes it difficult for users.


In summary, the choice between conical and cylindrical pipe plugs depends on the specific requirements of the application. Conical plugs offer adaptability, while cylindrical plugs provide simplicity and efficiency in pipes with consistent diameters.