PlugCo has provided plugs to more than 65 countries


As the world’s leading manufacturer of pipe plugs, PlugCo supplies a variety of products that are used to block the flow of various liquids and gases and also to test the gravity pipelines.

PlugCo has a wide range of pipe sealing and repair products, including numerous models of inflatable plugs, gas plugs, joint testers and pipe repair packers. In addition, PlugCo provides models for standard pressure, but also manufactures customized products for high pressure. For chemical and Hydrocarbons applications, PlugCo produces Gas Plug models made of Nitrile Rubber according to customer requirements.

PlugCo is one of the biggest manufacturers in the world and is exporting products to all over the world. The goods have been dispatched to all continents in the world except Antarctica as nobody lives in there :).

The number of countries to where PlugCo exported its products has reached 65 so far. PlugCo sold PP model pipe plugs in Mauritius which was the newest country added to the clients list.

PlugCo expand production range and capacity to reply market inquiries

PlugCo’s aim is to provide good quality products and to get customer’s satisfaction. The main advantages of working with PlugCo:

  • Products High Quality
  • Sales service (Replying all question/inquires on time)
  • After sales service
  • Technical service

Regarding technical service, PlugCo always help their customer to find a solution for their application. So, the production range has been expanded due to the different experiences. Thus, PlugCo has reached 65 countries

The newest product that PlugCo has invented is “Smart Plug”;

PlugCo began developing the Smart Plug system when supplying equipment for an undersea waterline maintenance project in Oman — theoretical calculations suggested that a support which must hold a backpressure of 56 tons is needed to prevent slippage. This enormous value prompted PlugCo engineers to begin an advanced research project with hundreds of phases and tests that ultimately led to the invention of a system that offers many real benefits to network operators in more ordinary situations.

PlugCo has many resellers in many countries. So, new customers can purchase PlugCo products from their countries from our resellers or directly from our Factory.

Products Range

Over the years the Pipe Plug division has grown into an extensive product line such as;

  • Smart Plug
  • Pipe Plug
  • Pipe Test Plug
  • High Pressure Pipe Plug
  • Oil and Gas Plug
  • Manhole Test Plug
  • Steam Process Plug
  • Egg-Shaped Pipe Plug
  • Flexible Packer
  • Flow Through Packer
  • Bendy Packer
  • Flexible Pillow Packer
  • Joint Tester
  • High Pressure Joint Tester


PlugCo supplies its customers with plugs without defining a minimum order quantity. We always support our customers and help them getting the products and the correct quantity they need.

PlugCo has a very good reputation in all continents thanks to the good and high quality of the products it manufactures. We aim to establish long-term business relationships because we give priority to customer satisfaction. To find out more, contact our team to know all about plugs and why not join our family.