Huge Bypass Pipe Plug

Huge Bypass Pipe Plug

What is the “Huge Bypass Pipe Plug”? Where can it be used? What are its main advantages?

PlugCo is one of leader companies that provide best suitable solutions for some specific projects. PlugCo produces custom made products as per client requests. This article is about our new product that we have added to our product range, called Huge Bypass Pipe Plug.

PlugCo HBP Model Plug is made of hot-vulcanized synthetic rubbers like SBR + NR mixed rubber, nylon cord, Kevlar cord and strong fabrics. The materials are pressed into the required shape by increasing heat and pressure. All plugs are tested at 1,2 times their working pressure, also known as required inflation pressure, in order to ensure their durability and the safety of using them. Due to their light weight and short length, PlugCo HBP model plugs are easy to handle even in large diameter sizes.

The Huge Bypass Pipe Plug in Use

The main aim of PlugCo HBP model plug is to allow water to pass through the plugs, which means that the end-user will not be obliged to use pump for it. The water flow is passing entirely by Gravity from upstream to downstream. So, this Pipe Plug is used for repairing manhole structure with the best economical solution.

PlugCo provides HBP model plugs with sizes up to 2600mm dia. The huge bypass allows the water to pass freely from bypass pipe and enables workers to enter manhole for repairing it safely. Otherwise, it is not possible to repair the manhole of an ongoing Pipeline. Actually, there are few other solutions for this type of applications. However, the most cost-effective solution is to use HBP model plugs.

As a Result;

The main advantages of HBP model plugs are as following;

  • Cost-effective solution to isolate the repair zone comparing to the use of water pump.
  • Time Efficient solution, as the flow passes easily through the large Bypass line.
  • Easy to handle, thanks to its light weight.

PlugCo wholesales HBP Models to Russia

PlugCo produced 2 pieces of HBP15002600 model in January 2021 for a Russian project, and dispatched them to the site on time.

The products have been tested in the Factory. The customer had attended this test online due to the pandemic of COVID-19. So, after the online test, the customer approved the products 100%, and we then shipped the goods by air freight.

The model we have offered our client can be used for all pipe diameters between 1500mm up to 2600mm, with a bypass diameter of 1000mm. Thus, our client will use this model for 2600mm pipe diameter. They will use our products in order to bypass the flow through the plugs in order to repair the manhole structure.

PlugCo at your service

PlugCo always work on providing the suitable solutions to their customers and send all the necessary accessories along with the plugs. We are always receiving positive feedbacks from our customers, as they are very satisfied with the complete solutions and the after-sales services that we provide. Therefore, we keep working on enlarging our products range by following our Slogan “STOP THE FLOW, CONTINUE THE WORK”.

PlugCo is available to help you figure out what is the best solution for your project. You can whether contact us by email, via WhatsApp or you can directly write to us through the Online Chat section.