Guide to Correct Pipe Stopper

There are a bunch of Pipe Plug varieties on the market. Determining the right pipe stopper is important for saving cost and time. So, we have prepared this guide for users to realize the differences between the product types of pipe plugs.

Mainly, pipe plugs have 2 categories in terms of their sizes, as Single Size Model and Multiple Size Model. The latter covers only one type which is Inflatable Pipe Plug (PlugCo PP Model), whereas Single Size Model has two subcategories such as Mechanical Pipe Plug and Inflatable Pipe Plug (PlugCo MPP Model).

Single Size Models can only seal pipes of one size. For example, MPP150 Model can seal a pipeline with 150mm inner diameter. But you cannot use it for a pipe with 200mm inner diameter. The same rule applies to Mechanical Pipe Plugs. However Multiple Size Models can seal a range of pipes with different diameters. Therefore, purchasing the Multiple Size Models may seem the most reasonable option. However, that is not always the case. There some other criteria that you should take into consideration.


How Should We Decide?

Even though all these types are used for the same sealing purpose, how should we decide which one to use?

You should use;

  • Single Size Pipe Plug, if you will seal only one size pipe
  • Multiple Size Pipe Plug, if you will seal many pipes with different diameters at different times
  • Single Size Pipe Plug, if you will seal all pipes at the same time

Choosing the right equipment at the right place is the key for saving time and cost-effective working. In order to perceive visually above listed cases, check the pipe stopper selection charts on our video.

Bonus tip: When we compare the types of Single Size Model, Inflatable Single Size Plug is more advantageous than the Mechanical Plug. Because, it is lighter and has shorter installation time. And, Inflatable Single Size Plug can endure both low and high pressure.