Huge Bypass Plug

Huge Bypass Plug is made of hot-vulcanized synthetic rubbers like SBR + NR mixed rubber, nylon cord, Kevlar cord and strong fabrics. It has a large bypass line allowing the water to pass through the plugs, which means that the end-user will not be obliged to use pump for it. The water flow is passing entirely by Gravity from upstream to downstream.

Huge Pipe Plugs provide a trenchless method for the maintenance of drains and sewers, and construction. All our products are tested after production is completed and before dispatching them to the clients.
The main purpose of this model of pipe plugs is repairing the manhole structure with the best economical solution.

What dimensions of huge bypass plugs do we produce?

Huge Bypass Plug , also called pipe test plug with large bypass, it is used to test different dimensions of sewer and drainage pipelines starting from up to 2600 mm. The huge bypass allows the water to pass freely from bypass pipe and enables workers to enter manhole for repairing it safely. Otherwise, it is not possible to repair the manhole of an ongoing pipeline. Actually, there are few other solutions for this type of applications. However, the most cost-effective solution is to use HBP model plugs.


Technical Table

Model# Nominal Size Min. dia. Max. dia. Internal Diameter of Plug Bypass Pipe External Diameter Inflation Pressure
HBP200400 200mm-400mm 200mm 400mm 120mm 110mm 1 bar
8”-16” 8” 16” 4,7” 4,3” 14,5 psi
HBP400800 400mm-800mm 400mm 800mm 260mm 250mm 1 bar
16”-32” 16” 32” 10,2” 9,8” 14,5 psi
HBP500800 500mm-800mm 500mm 800mm 410mm 400mm 1 bar
20”-32” 20” 32” 16,1” 15,7” 14,5 psi
HBP5001200 500mm-1200mm 500mm 1200mm 410mm 400mm 1 bar
20”-48” 20” 48” 16,1” 15,7” 14,5 psi
HBP6001700 600mm-1700mm 600mm 1700mm 540mm 530mm 1 bar
24”-68” 24” 68” 21,2” 20,8” 14,5 psi
HBP11002600 1100mm-2600mm 1100mm 2600mm 1010mm 1000mm 1 bar
44”-104” 44” 104” 39,7” 39,3” 14,5 psi
HBP14003000 1400mm-3000mm 1400mm 3000mm 1350mm 1340mm 0,7 bar
56”-120” 56” 120” 53,1” 52,7” 10,15 psi

Technical Drawing

Large Bypass Plug