Pipe Testing Plug for Sealing the Gravity Pipelines

PlugCo is a worldwide manufacturer of pipe testing plugs for Drainage and Sewage Pipes. With its dynamic technical team, PlugCo can make high-quality pipe testing plugs quickly. We offer a wide variety of pipe testing equipment and other products for use in all your pipeline repairs, installations, or other projects. The pipe testing plug can be used in different types of pipelines and diameters. The plugs are slip-resistant and characterized by excellent sealing properties.

All of our products are manufactured in our factory: we have full control over the design and quality of a product we produce, and all our equipment is tested before delivering it. Also, we work with you to determine the best solution to suit your specific demands and produce a fully integrated product.

Testing Plug

PlugCo is one of the pipe testing plug manufacturers that produce high quality and reliable production and shipment of pipeline test equipment called inflatable pipe plugs. PlugCo produces customized products to meet your specific needs. PlugCo provides pipe plugs, pipe test plug, conical plug, single-sized mini pipe plug, high-pressure pipe plug, oil & gas pipe plug, manhole test plugs, and steam process plug. The pipe plugs are mainly divided into two main categories: cylindrical plugs and conical plugs. If you want to see more technical details about the above products, you can click on it. We also provide a variety of accessories, which are used to inflate our pipe plugs safely.

Pipe Leakage Test

PlugCo can produce testing plugs to respond to different industrial demands and dimensions while making leak tests. PlugCo designs and manufactures test plugs together with their team, used for pipe leakage test. PlugCo testing plugs are offered to the international markets.

We can produce pipe testing plugs to make leak test of very large diameters sewage lines. Nowadays, PlugCo offers more plugging and bypass options than any other manufacturer. We produce pipe plugs up to 144 '' (3600mm) in a wide range of diameters. Limited pipe plug manufacturers can produce that much large pipe plugs. For pipe diameters above 900 mm, the plug centralizer must be used to ensure the correct installation of the plug while inflated.

In addition, we are also producing pipe repair packers, which are used for point repair pipelines without digging. PlugCo stands out from its competitors by delivering products fast and on time.

As a company, we are working towards increasing customer satisfaction by making continuous improvements. Contact us today for more information or to place your order.