Inflatable Pipe Plug


The world is a huge network of all kinds of pipelines which are invisible facilitators of our daily lives. Hence their maintenance is of great priority for our comfort. The need for regular maintenance, inspection and modification brings out the inflatable pipe plug as the main player in the related industries.

Where do we use Inflatable Pipe Plug?

We utilize pipe plugs in almost every pipeline such as city infrastructure that conveys sewer and storm drains. Moreover, companies can also use it at the sealing of hydrocarbon lines such as oil, petrol and natural gas.

Why do we use Inflatable Pipe Plug?

Pipelines require to be tested during their installation. And as long as they are in use, they should be accessible for inspection, maintenance or modification. However; many pipelines lack valves or flanges which enables to block fluid flow in the line in order to isolate a particular section of the pipe and allow access as shown below.


PlugCo has a solution for this perplexity. PlugCo offers a wide range of pipe sealing and pipe blocking products of inflatable stoppers and balloons. This time and cost-effective plugs eliminate the need for expensive and maintenance-incentive valves and flanges. They can be inserted into a pipeline and make the way for the required test, inspection, maintenance and modification.

The designs of the pipe plugs fit into 3 broad categories as cylindrical-single-size plugs, cylindrical-multi-size plugs and conical plugs. Single-size plugs allow to seal or block a single pipe diameter. Multi-size plugs can successfully block flow in more than one pipe size. When a utility or contractor needs pipe plugs for a limited range of pipe diameters, cylindrical plug design offers an effective low-cost, method of sealing the pipe and blocking fluid flow.

Product range of PlugCo has numerous sub-categories that caters the need of various requirements. Depending on the needs of the contractor, PlugCo has the flexibility to provide quick results.

Lastly, in order to check the technical details of PlugCo inflatable pipe plugs visit this page.