Pillow Packers by Plugco


Another option of packers, beyond Flexible Packers are PlugCo Flow Through Pillow Packers. They are manufactured with the experience and expertise of PlugCo engineers with the utmost design to provide you most adaptable solution.

Pillow Packers used for the repair and maintenance of infrastructure with large diameters. The most cost-effective repair method is a PlugCo pillow packer when there is a damage or crack in large sized pipes. It is a very convenient solution due to the ease of use and its space saving nature. The main difference between normal packers and pillow packers is the latter’s flexibility. Pillow packers fold flat as well. Flat folding makes installation much easier. This feature helps a lot especially if the manhole is fairly small. Also, PlugCo pillow packers are approximately 35% lighter than standard packers of equivalent size of a competition brand. The lighter weight and flat folding feature make them easy to carry on the site and allows quick installation. Also, these features make the product very maneuverable, easy to handle within the pipe.

Pillow Packers link includes the available sizes manufactured.

Material Used: Have double layer rubber sleeve. It gives the flow through option for added flexibility during the application. All metal parts of the packer are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Application When: Used for repairing pipeline joints or sections of large diameter pipes when the access opening or manhole is relatively small.

Here are some additional advantages of using a Pillow Packer:

  • Low weight and flat folding feature bring, ease of maneuver therefore a breezy installation at the site.
  • These features bring ease of transport and make the delivery of the product cost-effective.
  • Due to the size and weight repairs done more time efficiently.
  • When inflated, a pillow packer fits the shape of the damaged pipe so both circular and oblong pipes repaired with the same pillow packer.
  • If desired effective structural repairs accomplished by adding extra layers.
  • Allows you to use the trenchless repair method.