PlugCo Pipe Joint Tester


Pipe Joint Tester, what is it?

The Pipe Joint Tester eliminates the chore of testing the entire pipeline, which is an expensive, time consuming process that requires more manpower. You can also test the pipe joints during installation and repair joints as you go.

The Joint tester is a steel core covered with rubber and it tests leaks in individual joints in pipes. In general Pipe Joint Testers use either water or air which allows you to pre-test before the back- filling. PlugCo pipe joint tester uses water for testing. It has a mating flange on one end and inflatable seals beyond the joint. When it is installed, the round space between the seals inflates a rubber bladder that holds the air. The air thigh chambers create the testing area in the middle where we will fill with water to test. This process allows the user to check the pipe joint for leakage quickly and easily.

What are the features?

  • Since the Pipe Joint Tester contains a small water chamber, the water consumption is much less.
  • The product has wheels that makes it easy to reach to the testing area inside the pipeline.
  • Also, there are adjustment bolts to centralize the Joint Test Plug inside the pipe.
  • Joint lengths change for various pipes. PlugCo is capable of manufacturing Joint Testers up to 110″ in size. When ordering please kindly advise us the joint length.

How does it work?

Prior to the procedure, inspect the joint tester surface for cracks or damages. Place the joint tester into the pipeline, align the tester into its place. Connect the air hose to inflate the rubber chamber and connect the water hose to fill water to the test area. Inflate the joint tester to the maximum inflation/working pressure allowed per manual.

Wait during the minimum testing period, if there is no leakage nor the pressure drops, it means the area has passed the leakage test. Release the test water, deflate joint tester. Then move onto the next testing area. Same procedure is carried out for the next testing area. Because the tester has wheels, you can easily move it along the pipeline.

We also manufacture different types of plugs such as Conical Plugs, Oil & Gas Plugs and Manhole Test Plugs. PlugCo provides fast delivery, custom design and great sealing. We currently export our products to more than 50 different countries.
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