Pneumatic Pipe Stoppers by PlugCo


Pneumatic means containing or operating by air or gas under pressure. Pneumatic systems are used a lot in the industry. These systems are commonly powered by compressed air or compressed gases. Pipe Plugs are made of reinforced rubber. These pipe plugs seal the gravity pipelines and/or are used to make a leak test. Here we will look at pneumatic pipe stoppers.

Pipe Plug is a device for testing and sealing gravity lines. The other names for it are inflatable pipe plug, pipe balloon, pipe stopper, pneumatic plug, pneumatic pipe stopper or rubber plug. This product seals sewer and drain pipelines of different sizes starting from Dia. 35mm up to Dia. 3600mm.

Pneumatic pipe stoppers are often used for pressure testing. Contractors also use them for many other tasks that require workers to temporarily stop a pipe’s fluid flow.

How to choose a pneumatic pipe stopper?

Before choosing an appropriate pneumatic plug, you must know some important details:

  • The diameter of the opening
  • How long you need the seal
  • The maximum back pressure the plug can hold. This can be checked from the manual
  • Inner diameter of the pipe
  • The weather and the fluid’s temperature and consistency of the substance

Even if you have the right product you must know everything about it to avoid mishaps and hazardous situations. The workers must comply with all the safety instructions. Also, when installing and using a pneumatic stopper, you must read and fully understand the manual. Hence, use the appropriate size of plug, use an extension hose to inflate the product from a safe distance. Inspect the product prior to use, including the gauge. Accordingly, inflate the plug to the appropriate pressure only etc.

PlugCo does not only manufacture the pneumatic pipes stoppers, but also provides user manuals and safety warnings and instructions to use. You can also view and enhance your experience with videos on our YouTube channel.