Sewer Line Repair


When a sewer line is damaged and/clogged, you don’t have to excavate anymore. With the new opportunities of the technology, using the trench-less technology you can now easily repair your sewer, drainage, pipelines. This sewer line repair system is now used in North America more than ever, to provide quick and efficient service for the client. This saves you valuable downtime and money, also avoid foul smells, soaked yards etc.

If the other sewer line repair methods used, pipe lining repair don’t go beyond temporary mending. However, the trench-less method leaves you with a brand-new pipe in your system. It is a permanent solution. Here is the PlugCo packer system:

How to implement?

You can see the animated description of the process in our Youtube channel:

PlugCo manufactures Flexible Packers and Flow Through Pillow packers for your pipe repair. Here are a few easy steps; to implement the Flexible Packers.

Prior to the repair, you need to clean your pipeline and unclog the problem areas. Tree roots and dumped items must be cleaned. Then, you need to determine the exact position and the size of the damage using the CCTV system.

Based on the diameter of the pipe and the size of the damage, you need to choose the proper packer and the patch kit.

In the following method, we will be using Flow Through Pillow packer. The packer patch kit contains two components. These are resin and hardener. The mixing ratio depends on the weather temperature and the repair method used.

Apply the chemical mixture on the fiberglass mat in three layers. After the application pull the packer protection foil.

Fold and wrap the impregnated fiberglass with resin around the prepared foil-protected packer and center it.

Insert the packer and the patch into the pipe. Push the reassembled packer with the help of air push rods or pull with a ripe or with a robot to the point of repair that is previously determined.

When the packer reaches the proper position, gradually inflate it with the air supply at the recommended pressure.

The fiberglass mat packer impregnated with resin then cured at the temperature as stated in the technical data sheets. After finishing all process of sewer line repair, the line is ready for immediate service.