Taif – SWCC Training of usage pipe plug and pipe test plug


City /Country: Taif /Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Client: SWCC
Contractor: Toledo Arabia Company
Date: April-2016
Services: Training of usage pipe plug and pipe test plug (with by-pass)

Taif – SWCC

Toledo, the contractor, has a challenging project in Taif, which is mountainous area. Slope of the pipe lines are very high. The water head inside the manhole reach 15 meters for some locations. PlugCo Team provided Practical and theoretical usage training for the pipe plugs.

First of all, PlugCo Team informed the usage of pipe plug and gave information regarding security rules that must be followed in use theoretically. After theoretical information, was given, applications were made with the Company’s employee.

During the practice, two model pipe plugs, PP5001000 and PTP5001000(with by-pass), were used for DN800 mm pipe. The training was completed in two days.