What is the Advantages of Joint Tester?

What is the Joint Tester? Joint Tester are testing joint parts of two pipes. Section of these two pipes is prevent against to flow by joint tester and leak test using minimum water or air can be applied. Also leak test can be done with Inflatable Pipe Plug. Pipe Plugs called many different names in the market such as inflatable pipe plugs, pipe balloons, pipe stoppers, pneumatic plugs and rubber plugs. However Joint Tester has some advantageous than Pipe Plug. Let see these advantageous.

Joint tester can be move easily in pipe because it has wheels. With these wheels, Joint Tester can be move easily between joint point in a short time. Joint point can be tested well with Joint Tester. Joint Tester move to joint location and easily locate with adjustment bolts. After locating, the bladder of Joint Tester can inflate and fill with water. After that procedure joint point can be test easily. Another advantageous of Joint Tester is amount of using water. For leakage test, Pipe Plug can use but If you want to decrease amount of using water you should use Joint Tester. The amount of water using, we can reduce significantly if we use Joint Tester. Also Joint Tester provide another advantageous to us which is reducing the test time. We can test just in 30 minutes if we use Joint Tester. This is good time. The lastly Joint Tester can use for big sizes. Generally Joint Tester can use any size between 350 mm up to 2200 mm diameter.

In conclusion, Pipe Plug and Joint Tester can use for leakage test. However Joint Tester has more advantageous than Pipe Plug such as less time, amount of water, easy test and easy moving. If you want to test joint point, The Joint tester is the best option for you.

what is the advantages of joint tester