Where Can I Use Bendy Packers?


Gravity Pipelines are used to transport sewer and storm water and drainage water from one place to another. Such pipelines can function at high flow rates at peak fours. These operating conditions can damage the pipelines. Also, friction and plant roots can damage the pipelines. Over the flowing, these pipelines can defect either due to be environmental effect or due to poor quality of the material. So, you have a challenge! Damage of underground gravity pipes lines are not easy to fix. How can we solve this problem? We can solve this problem using Packers such as Flexible Packers, Pillow Packer and Bendy Packer.

Packers can use for repair of the gravity pipeline and its joint. Packers are made from rubber. Also, Packers have a replaceable double-layer rubber sleeve mounted on a PU tube. All other parts installed in a packer are made of corrosion resistant materials. Generally Flexible and Pillow Packers use for cylindrical shape pipe. However Bendy Packers use for in curved parts of pipelines at an angle less than 45 degrees and for elbows. Bendy Packers is used generally to fix sections of pipe connected to the main sewer line or where transitional bends are inaccessible. Bendy packers reduce the cost and time.

In conclusion, Packers are very usable products for repair and rehabilitation of the pipeline and joint. In addition, Bendy Packers are usable for curved parts. You don’t need try another method for repair and rehabilitation of pipeline. If you want to solve repair and rehabilitation of pipeline easy and quickly, you should use the Packers.