A Special Joint Tester in Panama

Joint testers are special equipment for testing the point of junctions in the pipeline industry. The process requires high engineering experience for implementing. In this sense, PlugCo accomplished a project with a rather more special joint tester in Panama.


Technical Solutions That Save Cost and Time

In 2018, Plugco received an inquiry of a ⌀1800mm joint tester from Panama. The project was about testing the joints of a ductile iron pipe. The diameter of the pipe was 72 inches. However, there was a critical obstacle rather than the size of the pipe and the joint tester. There were elbows during the pipeline which made it difficult to move inside the pipeline. Therefore PlugCo manufactured a three-piece joint tester instead of a one-piece joint tester. So that it would be dismantled and pass through the elbows easily. And then re-assembled at the next junction point to continue the testing process.


Producing the joint tester as three-piece resolved the problem of the customer thoroughly and provided a complete solution. Alongside eliminating the technical obstacle, it also saved time and cost.

The joint tester used in this project is a multi-piece product. Its collapsible form enables it to pass through the elbows and 600-800mm manholes effortlessly.

In addition to the joint tester itself, the customer bought a control device, as well. With the help of the control device, the project team could implement the tests on the same panel very quickly and easily. The control device received very positive feedback from the customer.


Effective Remote Service by PlugCo Engineers

Besides the technical obstacles to be resolved, the customer was hesitant due to the distance and time difference between Panama and Turkey. Thus, the customer was reluctant about the response if any problem occurred with the product. However, starting from the very first moment following the receipt of the inquiry, PlugCo replied to all technical questions precisely, all in-time regardless of the time difference. PlugCo eliminated all hesitations of the customer by taking immediate action and presenting smooth service and assistance. The product received technical approval and the customer completed the purchase.


The customer also demanded on-site supervision to assist them at the implementation. PlugCo presented its engineering know-how with very brief and simple technical documents on how-to-assemble, how-to-use the three-piece joint tester and how-to-do the test. Hence, the customer completed the tests successfully without on-site supervision through the remote guidance of PlugCo engineers.

More Purchase Orders for PlugCo

As a result, PlugCo achieved a project in a geographically distant area by its unique service manner and technical expertise. The customer was very satisfied by the service and the quality and the performance of the joint tester. Therefore they purchased 6 more units of the same product in one years time, despite the distance and the alternatives in the region.

PlugCo presents its gratitude to all who put their trust into its service and products!