Advantages Of The Pipe Plugs And The Conical Plugs

As we know today, the first pipe plug was published by Oscar F. Anderson, in 1952 and the first patent for inflatable plugs was published in 1965. Since 1950s, the world has used pipe plugs in many different ways.

With the increasing population and the developing world, the need for pipe plugs has increased day by day. Besides this; due to the increasing consumption with the developing world, pipe plugs have become more and more important in the efficient use of resources. For example; Muscat City Desalination Company S.A.O.G. used PlugCo’s High-Pressure Pipe Plug HPP1700 with 8 bar inflating pressure and 2,5 bar backpressures for cleaning the city water line. They use these pipelines to transport thousands of liters of expensive treated water every single day.

Pipe Plug is made from SBR+NR mixed rubber, nylon cord, and strong fabrics and it is used for temporary sealing of line systems for pipe maintenance, repairing or testing.

PlugCo has 9 different plug models which are; Pipe Plug (PP), Pipe Test Plugs (PTP), High-Pressure Pipe Plug (HPP), Conical Plug (CP), Single Size Mini Pipe Plug (MPP), Oil & Gas Pipe Plug (GP), Steam Process Plug (SPP), Manhole Test Plug (MTP) and Smart Plug which it is the new invention of PlugCo.

PP – Multi-Size Pipe Plug

Flexible Pipe Plug

A pipe plug is an inflatable, expandable made of reinforced rubber which is used for line testing, reappearing, blocking and sealing. Pipe Plug is also known as an inflatable plug, expandable plug, pipe bung, pipe stopper, pipe packer, pneumatic pipe plug or pipe balloon.

PlugCo produces all multi-size Pipe Plugs in Turkey and they have their own accessories such as Air Hoses, Air Supply Sources and Control Devices.

PlugCo has 38 standard multi-size Pipe Plugs models from PP3570 -which means it can be used for pipe Dia. between 35mm and 70mm – up to PP12002400 – which means it can be used for pipe Dia. from 1200mm to 2400mm- and also numerous products produced according to the request of PlugCo’s clients.

While choosing the appropriate multi-size Pipe Plug, certain features must be known such as; the size of the pipe for which pipe plug will be used, the material of the pipeline, back pressure in the pipe, the media inside the line, and all details on where and what for the pipe plug to be used.

After these are known, it is easy to find the right pipe plug with PlugCo sales team. PlugCo sales team support their clients in 5 different languages which are Turkish, English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

PlugCo multi-size Pipe Plugs can be used easily. PlugCo offers their clients technical datasheets and instruction manual. If it is not enough, PlugCo also can offer on-site support too.

PlugCo multi-size Pipe Plugs give lots of advantages to their client.

  1. Produced in Turkey – This means that it is more economic for their clients.
  2. Offered with set of accessories Multi-Size – Can be used in different sizes of pipes. No need to buy for each pipe one plug.
  3. Wide site range of products – from 35mm up to 2400mm.
  4. Easy to use
  5. PlugCo offers on-site support
  6. 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects
  7. Can be used instead of Conical Plugs – if the pipe is cylindrical and manholes are standard size.
  8. Save your money – Instead of a Conical Plug, it will be cheaper.

CP- Multi-Size Conical Plug

Conical Plug

Conical Plug is light and foldable rubber cushion, which is used to seal or test pipelines for confined access points and large size pipes.

Conical plugs are cold vulcanized out of a 100% pure CR (Neoprene) coated material, which means, the devices are glued by applying a special procedure without admixtures of foreign substances.

PlugCo offers 15 different sizes of Conical Plugs from 90mm up to 3600mm.

PlugCo has 15 different sizes of Conical Plugs from CP90150 -which means it can be used for Pipe Dia. from 90mm up to 150mm – up to CP22003600 – which means it can be used for Dia. between 2200mm and 3600mm.

Conical Plugs are especially used for a place which cannot be reached easily. The standard manholes diameters are 600mm and 800mm. If the clients’ manhole is not big enough for their pipe plugs, they need to broke the manhole head and built it again. This is wasting both money and time and raises the costs. Conical plugs are special products produced for ease of access in such difficult-to-reach areas.

The Conical Pipe Plug is made of pure CR (neoprene) surrounded by foam rubber strips to guarantee secure sealing.

PlugCo multi-size Conical Plugs give lots of advantages to their client.

  1. Safe – Normal plugs can slip quickly and suddenly. However, PlugCo’s Conical Plugs will not move even if there is an air leak. This is a great safety advantage.
  2. Foldable – Not only it can be operated easily but also can be stored easily too.
  3. Can be rolled – It guarantees the access to narrow spaces and easy transportation.
  4. Wide range of products – from 90mm up to 3600mm.
  5. Lighter than PP model – Same size Pipe Plug is 30,9 kg heavier than same size Conical Plug;
    1. CP6001600 35,1 kg (77,381 lbs.)
    2. PP6001600 66 kg (145,5 lbs.)
  6. Suitable for confined spaces If there is limited access to the pipeline, this model should be used.
  7. Usable for all section shapes – Can be used for all different pipe/channel profiles.
  8. Does not need additional support or bracing – Rear support is recommended for PP models for safety reasons.
  9. Multi-Size – Can be used in different sizes of pipes. No need to buy a plug for each pipe size.
  10. Offered with a set of its special accessories
  11. Easy to use
  12. 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  13. PlugCo offers on-site support if requested
  14. Can be repairable

PlugCo is providing training to their clients about how to succeed in their test and how to use the Conical Plug and Pipe Plugs correctly. At the end of the training, PlugCo gives certificates to the participants. In addition, PlugCo offers on-site supervision to their clients.

The inflatable pipe plugs are used, in the pipeline testing equipment market, for gravity lines where there is no high pressure. According to the European Standard EN1610, the test pressure is 0.5 bar for water and 0.2 bar for air. Water head and back pressure can be confused. 1.5 bar back pressure means a water head of 15m and 2 bar back pressure means 20m water head which is too much for a gravity line.

PlugCo team is always ready to assist you for all your inquiries and you can reach us anytime by e-mail or whatsapp.