Flexible Pipe Plugs


PlugCo is the largest and the most experienced manufacturer of high-quality pipe testing equipment with an extensive line of products in Turkey as well as exporting overseas. We comply with the requirements of European Standard EN 1610 and American Standard ASTMC969M. PlugCo’s standard pipe plugs are manufactured for pipe diameters from 35 mm to 2200 mm. PlugCo has been the sole solution in many major international projects with applications. PlugCo has manufactured for various countries such as Qatar, Peru and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One of the pipe plugs of PlugCo that are widely used and are essential for the safety and regulations of the pipeline system is the flexible pipe plug. There are three main purposes of these pipe plugs:

  1. Stopping the fluid flow in a pipeline or temporarily sealing;
  2. Leak testing;
  3. By-passing the flow when needed.


The flexible pipe plug is both inflatable and expandable. Consequently, it is able to temporarily block pipes during repairs. Flexible pipe plugs are utilized in larger infrastructure pipelines. They provide a trenchless method.  Flexible pipe plugs are used in maintenance of drains and sewers. Plugs with large diameters cannot be used in certain pipe shapes, particularly those with small diameters. Therefore, for these circumstances flexible pipe plugs are of necessity.

Furthermore, in various cases such as construction, maintenance and repair, the flexible pipe plugs are used. Thus, these plugs are capable of blockage, preventing the entry of dirt and other contaminants.

Constraints and the Easy solution with Flexible Pipe Plugs

A proportion of major infrastructure projects bring a lot of constraints within the pipeline system. Attributes such as narrow entrances to the side pipeline, narrow access points or connections that are hard to pass by, T or L elbows, create inconveniences. These nuisances are more likely to be present than most people think which leads to difficulties in the pipelines overall system.

To overcome the constraints mentioned above, PlugCo flexible pipe plugs would be the best solution, since the pipe plugs we manufacture are flexible, foldable and are capable of going through almost all sizes of T or L elbows. In addition, the deflated diameter makes it suitable for large size plugs with standard manholes (600mm & 800mm) and where there are limited access long plugs can be useful.

The PlugCo flexible pipe plug is essential to resolve the obstacles which many major infrastructures may face. To contact our sales team and get a quote please e-mail us.  We will offer you a solution whatever constrain may be.