How should we store the pipe plug?


Pipe Plugs or Expandable Pipe Balloons are mainly for block and stop the flow in the pipes temporarily. Pipe balloons made from SBR + NR mixed rubber, nylon cord, Kevlar cord and strength cloths. It can operate at temperatures between +5 ° C and +70 ° C. Because of feature of mixed rubber, the plug must be store between +4° C to +25° C in dry and dark place. Plug should not be exposed directly sunlight during long time.

Many users make mistakes when they are using and store the plugs. Normally, users should bring the plug to the project site 30 minutes before use but no one don’t care about this issue. So that, the plugs expose sunlight during long time or can be damaged by environment or staff. This situation may cause the plug to leak or cause the plug to explode during the test. Also, if the plug damaged it cannot be used anymore. The users have to purchase a new one.


In addition, many users don’t store the plug in the suitable conditions. After each use, clean the plug with a solution of water and detergent. After cleaning flush, the plug with clean water and allow it to dry thoroughly before use. Do not clean the plug with solvents or petroleum which may damage the plug. The plug can be store in the dry and dark space and also can be protective from environmentally effects.

If the users want to use the plug smooth and log term they have to follow strictly to requirement of use.