How to Operate Air Control Device

PlugCo Air Control Device used for monitoring the Pipe Plug inflation pressure and discharge the air by Pressure Relief Valve incase of over pressure.



Pressure Relief Valve

  • Pressure Relief Valve operates like safety valve. It discharges the air if the pressure of the pipe exceeds the maximum inflation pressure.
  • If Pressure Relief Valve receive more pressure than its set pressure which is equal to pipe plug maximum inflation pressure, the spring of the valve will be compressed and the pin will move up and relief the exceed pressure.

Air Supply Valve

It is an isolation ball valve which is cut/supply air from air supply(compressor) to inflate the plug.

Pressure Gauge

It is for monitoring the inflating pressure of the pipe plug. It has two scales PSI and Bar.

How to Deflate the Pipe Plug?

Pressure relief valve also operates as discharge valve. Turn counter clockwise the top of the pressure relief valve to deflate the pipe plug.