How World Cup affects Pipe Plug Market


FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar in 2022, November 21-December 18

PlugCo products currently used in Qatar at the FIFA World Cup construction zones. PlugCo products Pipe Plugs, Pipe Repair Packers, Joint Testers, Purge Welding Plugs are sought after for the newly developed infrastructure in Qatar.

Nowadays, more than 26,000 people working for the construction of the eight stadiums for the World Cup in Qatar. There are numerous large-scale infrastructure projects underway in preparation of the FIFA 2022 World Cup as well. This includes stadium and other non-residential construction and expansion of the country’s road and rail network. Moreover, private ventures are even building floating hotels for fan villages in the north of Doha. World Cup’s expending city’s infrastructure has many major construction projects prepared and realized to the date.

Eight stadiums are under construction. Seven open-air cooling technology stadiums built from scratch for the event. The venues spread to five cities; Al Khor, Lusail, Doha, Al Wakrah, Al Rayyah. The eighth stadium, Khalifa International opened in 2018. It has been undergoing renovations and upgrades since then.

Qatar is the third largest natural gas reserve of the world and the largest supplier of liquefied natural gas. Qatar is also a significant net exporter of oil.

Because Qatar is a country with resources, they can use it for advanced technology in construction. Qatar is amongst the fastest-growing global construction markets during the forecasted years of 2019-2024.

PlugCo exporting to Qatar with pipe plugs and more

Due to the country’s natural gas and oil production, they already have great infrastructure and a vast network of pipelines. Various construction companies currently in charge of the infrastructure are looking into the PlugCo products. PlugCo products for the cleaning, maintenance and repair of sewer and all other pipelines become an important aid for all the construction tasks. PlugCo has many products that will do the job such as Pipe Plugs, Pipe Repair Packers, Joint Testers, Purge Welding Plugs and accessories.

Here are some PlugCo products and general uses: Pipe Plugs used for leak tests and bypass flow and seal pipelines. Pipe repair packers used for repairing pipelines, apply chemical patches and repair various pipe sizes. Joint testers used for leak testing pipes for individual joints, and other additional tasks. Purge welding plugs used for weld purge applications, high speed welding and various accessories used during pipe welding.

We will keep you updated with the projects and PlugCo products used in Qatar construction sites.