Jubail – Aramco Installation of pipe plug


City /Country: Jubail /Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Client: ARAMCO
Date: April-2017
Services: Installation of pipe plug

Jubail – Aramco

The pipe lines which carry process water from plant to sea, are available in Aramco Berri Gas Plant ongoing projects. On this line, DN400 two pipe lines were damaged and leakage occurred.

The lines, although damaged, were used as damaged for 3 month. Since an existing line was used, it was dulled temporarily for repair and was completed very quickly.Installation of the pipe plug to dull lines temporarily was provided by the PlugCo team within 2 days.

On the first day, the preparations (analysing the application area, selecting proper pipe plug, etc.) were made and applied by the PlugCo team while proper safety measures were provided by the contractor.

On the second day, dulling temporarily on existing line were provided by the PlugCo team by using 4 pcs. Pipe plug model- PP300600 in four different locations. for a DN400 pipe the technical information of the pipe plug is that the Inflation pressure is 2,5 bar and back pressure is 0,5 bar.

After successfully completing pipe line repairs, the pipe plugs were removed which completed the installation. PlugCo Team successfully completed the installation in two days.