Oil and Gas Pipe Plug for Oman


City/Country: Muscat/Sultanate Of Oman
Client: The Oman Construction Co LLC
Contractor: The Oman Construction Co LLC
Date: March 2020
Service: Training for Gas Nitrile Pipe Plug

Located in the capital city Muscat of Oman, The Oman Construction Co LLC (a.k.a. TOCO) contacted PlugCo for a special hydrocarbon fluid pipeline treatment.

Since it is a very special treatment TOCO demanded technical advice and assistance for every detail. Thus, experienced PlugCo engineers replied all their questions swiftly in a very clear manner so that the details would be understood thoroughly by the users. Following the inquiry correspondence, PlugCo suggested that Oil and Gas Pipe Plug should be used in this treatment, because hydrocarbon fluids require nitrile rubber plugs since other rubber types are not suitable for these kinds of fluids.


As a first step, TOCO decided to purchase two units of Oil and Gas Pipe Plug for trial. After shipping the goods to their address, the PlugCo team visited TOCO premises in Oman. The purpose of the on-site visit was to train the TOCO team on how-to-use the product and assist them in their application.

We conducted a detailed meeting with the Purchasing Manager, 2 Purchase Engineers, Project Manager and Operators who will use the PlugCo product.

In the meeting, we presented and discussed the following points:

  • Presentation of PlugCo company profile and products in range
  • Gas and Oil Pipe Plug for the TOCO Project
  • How to put the pipe plug in right position
  • How to inflate the pipe plug correctly
  • Which safety precautions to take at the implementation

Following the technical brief, we applied for a trial session. And then, we informed the TOCO team about the procedures and standards which they should follow.

After using the Oil and Gas Pipe Plug at this special hydrocarbon fluid pipeline project, TOCO was very satisfied with the performance of the product. And also by the technical service given by the PlugCo team. Consequently, TOCO placed an order for all diameters of the Oil and Gas Pipe Plug in the product range of PlugCo.