Oman Veolia installation and training for usage pipe plug


City /Country: Oman
Client: BP British petrol
Contractor: VEOLIA
Date: September-2016
Services: Training of usage pipe plug- Installation of pipe plug

Oman – Veolia

Practical /theoretical usage training and installation for the pipe plug was provided by the PlugCo Team in one day. PlugCo training included proper pipe plug usage and information related to the security rules that must be followed while in use.

After theoretical information, was given, the application was applied with Company employee. During the practical, a pipe plug, model: PP300600/2.5 (inflation pressure 2,5 bar, back pressure 1,0 bar), was used for a DN500 mm pipe.

On the second day, proper safety measures were provided by the contractor. After that, we used a PlugCo product (PP300600) to stop the fluid inside the DN400 mm pipe line.

PlugCo successfully completed the application of a model PP300600 pipe plug for a DN400 pipe in three days.