Pipe Plug in UAE


PlugCo manufactures inflatable pipe plugs and joint testers for blocking the flow or/and testing the gravity pipeline and it manufactures packers for pipe repairing as well. Inflatable pipe plugs have two different model, which are single size model, and multi-size model. The dimensions range of inflatable pipe plugs is from 35mm up to 3600mm diameter. While the range of joint tester is from 400mm up to 2800mm diameter. PlugCo has standard pressure models but custom products can be manufactured for high pressure and chemical applications as per the customer requirements.

The Country of Production

PlugCo is one of the biggest Turkish Manufacturers in Corum-Turkey of pipeline testing and pipe repair equipment called inflatable pipe plugs & stoppers, joint tester and pipe packers. PlugCo exports its products to more than 53 different countries all over the world.

Focus on the United Arab Emirates Market

PlugCo has been active in Gulf countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE since 2014. In addition, it has been active in UAE since 2018. PlugCo entered effectively with its high quality products the Market of UAE. PlugCo dispatches the products from Turkey to UAE directly to client’s warehouse in a short time. Before using the plugs, PlugCo engineers visit the client for training and after using the plugs; our engineers visit the client to get their feedback about PlugCo products.

Clients Prefer PlugCo

Since 2018, PlugCo worked with many big contactors in UAE such as Middle East Manufacture of Pipe Cleaning Equipment, Moalajah FZC, and Mena Engineering. They have chosen PlugCo products for their different projects and decided to continue supplying pipe plugs from PlugCo for all their future needs.

PlugCo will continue to be in UAE with high quality products. We look forward to long-term business relations since we prioritize customer satisfaction. You can follow our Social Media Pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get news about PlugCo.