PlugCo Enlarging Pipe Plug Sales Network


PlugCo brand created in 2014 by ArgeSim Makina. We manufacture repairing, testing and sealing equipment for using at infrastructure industry the most popular one is expandable pipe plugs. Infrastructure industry needs inflatable pipe plug, manhole test plug, joint tester, protective sleeve, packers, and gas plug etc. These expandable plugs called many different names in the market such as pneumatic plug, pipe balloon, and pipe stopper. PlugCo is an export-led company in infrastructure industry, increase its product range and export volume with every passing year. In beginning, PlugCo only exports to EU Countries but now we reach 50 different countries. We have distributors and resellers in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia and also, we have representative in UAE, USA, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. You may check the list of resellers and distributers from here.

PlugCo has a mission which is customer satisfaction. That’s why we work with strong, young and dynamic team. How PlugCo team is working? The team response quickly to client’s inquiries. If our client request training, PlugCo Engineer or technician provides that in terms of after sales services about usage of product use. Our customers receive the requested product maximum in 4 weeks. However, most of time they receive less than 2 weeks. Our shipping department has global experience and will deliver your orders to your project site or warehouse in accordance with our agreement on time. Our delivery terms are flexible – Mostly, DDP and DAP are preferred by customers. However, we can offer the delivery term such as CIP, CFR, FCA, and etc.

Plugco manufactures high quality products besides that submit reasonable price to customer. We have prepared many animation and education videos to easier usage of the products. You may reach the videos from here.

PlugCo is one of the biggest Turkish Manufacturers of pipe line testing equipment.We export our products to more than 50 different countries all over the world. We are working reach more countries. We will happy to serve rest of the world.