Plugs for Desalination Plants


PlugCo has provided its products for many Desilination projects all over the world. Generally, this kind of projects require a custom made product that can only be designed after studying the application and taking into consideration all the main factors affecting the usage of the plug without putting the end user in any risk.

What is the Desalination?

Seawater has mineral salts that make it brackish and not drinkable for humans, so much so, that if ingested in large quantities can lead to death. Desalination or desalting is the process of removing salt from seawater or brackish water, in order to convert it into drinking water; achieving this is one of the possible solutions to the shortage of drinking water since desalination of seawater could provide fresh water for supply and irrigation.

Desalination plants are industrial facilities for desalination, usually from the sea or salt lakes, to obtain drinking water.

Plugco and Desalination Plants

While desalination plants draw seawater from the pipes, in case of any damage to the pipe, you can use our plugs to cut off the water passage in the pipe, Plugco will be at your service for the most suitable models for your needs. High pressure plugs are offered in accordance with the diameter and back pressure requested in desalination applications.

PlugCo provides high-quality high-pressure pipe plugs for temporary blanking of sea-water intake pipes for desalination. Our high-pressure pipe plug is perfectly suited for plugging the pipeline for seawater intake and the seawater intake head tower. It consists of proposing the most appropriate solution so that the damaged pipe can be put back into service in the best possible way. It is a profitable way to isolate the damage of the sea-water intake to repair it.

In line with the inquiry of various desalination companies, PlugCo is able to produce special products according to the inquiry of its customers. As an example, PlugCo supplied a high-pressure plug (model HPP) for Muscat City Desalination Company SAOG in Oman. There was a problem with their penstock; It was not working properly. Water was coming in although it was closed. They wanted to remove the penstock, so they had to block the 1700 mm sea-water intake pipeline temporarily until it is repaired or changed.

PlugCo has also programmed a Monitoring System, which will be connected to the plug, to help you control and monitor it; you will set the real back pressure, that the Smart Plug obtains and that the plug can withstand, into the Monitoring System.

The Monitoring System will display the current back pressure at all times and inform you with a green LED if everything is OK and warn you with a buzzer and a red LED if there is a danger situation. This will help you to avoid the damages that may occur if you weren’t informed.

The R&D team of PlugCo is always ready to study each specific case in terms of pipe diameter & back pressure and manufacture accordingly the suitable model.

Establishing long-term business relationships is one of our main goals as we prioritize customer satisfaction. PlugCo team is always ready to assist you for all your inquiries and you can reach us anytime by e-mail or WhatsApp.