High Pressure Pipe Plug in Oman

Pipe Plug in Oman

City/Country: Muscat / Sultanate of Oman
Contractor: Muscat City Desalination Company SAOG
Date: January 2020
Service: Training & Supervision service for high pressure plug, 1700mm

PlugCo completed training and installation work for high pressure plug (HPP model) which were supplied to the Muscat City Desalination Company SAOG Team in Oman.

PlugCo’s Engineer arrived in Oman on 20th January to test High pressure plug and train technicians for the ongoing pipe project.

IMPLEMENTATION: Their application is to repair penstock.

Firstly, MCDC Team contacted PlugCo. They sent the project design and explained their application very clearly.

There was a problem with their penstock; It was not working properly. Water was coming in although it was closed. They wanted to remove the penstock, so they had to block the sea-water intake pipeline temporarily until it is repaired or changed.

The pipe size is 1700mm and depth of water is 10 meters. However, the back pressure will reach 2,4 bar due to pig cleaning. They therefore need a pipe plug for 1700mm diameter that can withstand a back pressure of 2,4 bar. PlugCo worked on this project and offered the HPP1700 model which can provide a 100% sealing if they make a bracing to prevent the sliding. Then, PlugCo calculated the total force in the pipe line at 2,4 bar back pressure and informed MCDC team to make an appropriate bracing. As a result, MCDC confirmed the need of the product and PlugCo dispatched the goods in January 2020.

Secondly, PlugCo team visited the project site and attended the application to give a supervision service. At that time, PlugCo recommended a long-term pressure monitoring and alarm system to check back pressure.

What is the pressure monitoring and alarm system?

The monitoring system is used to check the inflation pressure or back pressure of the Plug.

MCDC asked to check the back pressure, which means that the wanted to check whether the back pressure is increasing, so that they will make dewatering to reduce back pressure to prevent the sliding.

MCDC has purchased the pressure monitoring and alarm device, and from our side we explained all procedures of how to use it.

As a result, PlugCo provided supervision, training service and joined the application.

During our training we presented and discussed the following points:

  • How to put the pipe plug in right position
  • How to inflate the pipe plug correctly
  • How to use pressure monitoring system
  • How to make suitable bracing
  • How to remove the pipe plug after using
  • What safety precautions to take during implementation