Flexible Packer – A Trenchless Method

Flexible Packer

Pipe Packers are a group of products including Flexible Packer, Flow Through Packer, Bendy Packer and Flexible Pillow Packer. The main purpose is repairing damages or cracks in the pipelines, effortlessly.

These packers are an easy to apply and cost-effective solution for the contractor and the client. They create adaptable solutions for different problematic pipeline damages and hard to reach joints and places. The packer system is a sectional repair method for all types of drainage and sewer pipes.

Flexible Packer in Particular

Flexible Packer is a trenchless solution for repairing a pipeline by carrying chemical patches.

The Flexible Packer carries chemical patches and ensure the installation of the patch on the cracked point by inflating the packer. It covers the damaged area during the required cure time and provides much needed reinforcement. There are three wheels on each side of the packer at an angle of 120 degrees to prevent tipping off while transported along the pipeline.

It is suitable for repair of pipeline’s shorter sections and joints along the pipeline. It can be used for small pipe sizes starting from 25mm up to 1200mm with a length up to 5 meters.

Here are the product details for Flexible Packers:

Material: Packers have replaceable double layer rubber sleeve mounted on a PU tube. All other parts installed in a packer are made of tested and quality-controlled corrosion resistant materials.

Dimensions: These plugs are available in various sizes ranging from 25 mm to 1200 mm. Required patch length is an important criterion while choosing the suitable flexible packer.

Flexible Packers are reliable, sturdy and have high flexibility which is a must for the job. Just like all other PlugCo products, all our products tested and quality controlled.

This is a rather easy solution for small size pipes, tests, especially house connections. Therefore, technical savvy smaller contractors in business prefer this solution over traditional trench method.

You can find the catalog of flexible packer at this link. Moreover, you can check more details concerning the application by watching our video.

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