How to Operate Air Discharge Adaptor?

  1. Float-Discharging the compressed air from inside of the pipeline to outside.
  2. Quick Coupling- To be connected to the hose to discharge air to outside. After all air discharged the water will flow from the end of the hose. Pressure gauge can be connected to them hose end to monitor the water pressure. Or it can be used for pressurized the pipeline.
  3. Air Hose for discharge the compressed air.
  4. Connection to Pipe Plug.
  5. Connection for Water Hose to fill water to pipeline.
  • Air Discharge Adaptor is connected to the Pipe Test Plug from left side and is connected to the water hose from right side.
  • The air hose for discharging is connected to the quick coupling and pressure gauge is connected to the air hose.
  • The pipe line is filled with water by the water hose.
  • During filling water, the compressed air in the pipe line is discharged by the float.
  • The compressed air in the pipe line will be discharged by the air hose. /will discharge using air hose