Pipe Balloon Types and Usage


Our regular inflatable pipe plug has different names in various countries depending on their usage. Some of the names are plug stopper, inflatable stopper, sewer stopper, sewer cushion, sewer plug, pipe balloon plug, pneumatic plugs for sewers, pipe balloon, pneumatic pipe balloon, drain balloon, pipe bladder, bag sewer cushion, flow blocker and pipe bung. Pipe plugs are used to stop the flow of the fluids to block pipes, to test new pipelines, for maintenance and repair of the existing pipelines and for testing non-pressurized gravity lines like sewer and drainage lines.

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These are temporary sealing or stopping the fluid flow in a pipeline, leak testing and by-passing the flow. They fall under the category of “Regular inflatable pipe plugs” and are called Pipe Balloons as well.

User manuals, application drawings, warnings, maintenance and how-to-use manual for the “Regular inflatable pipe plugs” can be found under the following link.

Contractors can use the pipe balloon with back pressure from the front side or the backside as well. It can be a PP or PTP model.

Our inflatable pipe plugs are multi-sizes. The range of inflatable pipe plugs is from 35 mm to 3600 mm in diameter. PlugCo pipe balloons have standard pressure, but special products can be produced for high pressure and chemical applications in line with customer needs and requests.

The sewer plugs may slide and be damaged due to some reasons such as friction force decreasing, back pressure increasing and temperature changes. Therefore, it is necessary to use a centralizer in sewer plugs for above 900 mm pipe diameter.

Pipe balloon plugs are divided into PP model and PTP model depending on whether they are bypassed or not.


The main use of the PP Model Pipe Plug is to block piping or channels to stop the flow such as water, sewage, or drain water.

PP model pipe plugs are also used for pipeline leakage tests when there is a manhole on the line. The pipeline is blocked on both sides by two PP model pipe plugs and the test water is filled through the manhole to test the system.

PP Model Pipe Plug includes an inflation connection and holding hooks but does not have a bypass connection. You can check this Product Page from this link.



PTP model is the plug model called pipe test plug. Pipe Test Plug is essentially the same as the PP model pipe plug with the exception that it includes a bypass connection. This connection allows water to fill the inside of the pipeline when there is no manhole access. The bypass connection can be also used to bypass the water flow and to discharge it to another line connected to a pump. You can check this Product Page from this link.


What are the different Types of Pipe Balloons?

The pipe balloon plugs are used for stopping the flow such as water sewage or for leakage testing if there is a manhole. In the absence of a manhole, pipe test plugs are used to fill the water or air in the test area. The water is filled in the pipe with the bypass connection of the plug. So, the main difference between the PP model and the PTP model is that only the PTP model has a bypass connection. Apart from that, all features and usage of pipe plugs and pipe test plugs are the same.

What are the Benefits of Using a Pipe Plug Balloon for My Construction Project?

Pipe balloons provide a trench-less solution for the maintenance of drains and sewers, and testing of non-pressurized gravity pipelines. There are three main purposes for using plugs in construction. These are temporary sealing or stopping the fluid flow in a pipeline, leak testing and by-passing the flow. They are also used for blocking the ends of pipes to prevent the entry of dirt and other contaminants during construction, maintenance, or repair of pipelines.

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