Test Plug and Pipe Plug in the UAE


The United Arab Emirates have been the center of construction investments especially in the recent years. Expanding residence areas to a wider land and constructing the highest skyscrapers in the World comes with the need of extra infrastructure works. Therefore, the Emirates is in demand for PlugCo products such as pipe plugs, test plug and joint testers more than any other market for the time being.

Moreover, Dubai Expo 2020 is to be held from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021. Given the fact that the region will be hosting thousands of people from 190 countries for 173 days. Hence, Dubai has the urgent need for the construction of the pavilions of the Expo, strengthening the infrastructure of the accommodation facilities. Alongside the regular private construction investments as well.

PlugCo is in the Emirates

At this point PlugCo offers its domestic service and a wide variety of its products door-to-door in the Emirates. PlugCo has a resident local office located in Dubai. And, through the office the company delivers its products and service immediately to all Emirates. Especially to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and of course Dubai.

As in the case of Jamal Al Sharouq Company of Dubai, PlugCo reaches out to its clients within the shortest time. Check out our pipeline rehabilitation case in our previous article here.

What you can find at PlugCo

PlugCo manufactures pipe plugs, pipe repair packers, joint testers, purge welding plugs and accessories for all mentioned. Accordingly, below products are in various sizes and varieties:

  • Pipe Plugs: Pipe plug, Pipe Test Plug, Conical Plug, Single Size Mini Pipe Plug, High Pressure Pipe Plug, Oil and Gas Pipe Plug and Manhole Test Plugs
  • Pipe Repair Packers: Flexible Packer, Flow Through Packer, Bendy Packer and Flexible Pillow Packer
  • Joint Testers: Joint Tester and High-Pressure Joint Tester
  • Purge Welding Plugs: Welding Purge Plug, Double Seal Purge Plug and Efficient Double Welding Purge Plug

Also, PlugCo offers engineering services by providing site-supervision and training for using the products.

PlugCo is at your full service, contact us for your inquiries.