Pipeline Plug

Pipeline plugs have the bypass system to provide the opportunity for test of the pipelines during their dulling temporarily and change their fluid direction. Pipeline plugs are made from SBR+NR mixed rubber, nylon cord, Kevlar cord and strong fabrics. They are able to run between -30°C and + 70°C. They are tested at the 1, 3 times higher than their working pressure and they have ultra high bursting pressure. Their biggest advantage is that they reach the high friction force rate in the working pressure grasping the pipe diameter at very low pressures.

Pipeline Plug

Pipeline plugs connection allows water filling inside pipe line if there is no manhole access to pipe line or Pipeline plugs connection can be used for bypass the flow and discharge to another line with a circulating pump.


  • Gravity lines
  • Pipe test
  • Leakage test

Special Usage Instruction for Gravity Flow Bypass Application

  1. Preparation Before Using
    1. Read, understand and follow all the warnings and instructions outlined in this Safety Instruction Manual before proceeding.
    2. Determine the pipe size to be blocked and the required back pressure.
  2. Plug Placement
    1. Place the plugs into the pipeline a minimum distance of one pipeline diameter.
    2. Construct a backup system as required for the installation.
    3. Inflate the plug from outside the Danger Zone to the pressure shown on the plug.
    4. Proceed with the planned maintenance or other selected task. Make sure that no one enters into the Danger Zone during plug use even if the plug is not restraining back pressure.
  3. Plug Removal
    1. Totally deflate the plug(s) through the inflation extension hose. (Deflate the downstream plug first!)
    2. Remove the plugs from the pipe by pulling on the woven rope.
    3. Clean, inspect and properly store the plugs for future use as outlined in this manual.

Buy Pipeline Plug

Pipeline Plugs are available in many shapes, forms and diameters. Pipeline Plugs are used to close some part of a pipeline when you need to do a pipeline leakage test.

As well as being used in a testing application, these pipeline plugs are also used for isolation. Isolation of pipelines is a key requirement for the maintenance of infrastructure. PlugCo offers complete line of inflatable pipeline plugs used for testing, blocking and bypassing flow in pipelines.

If you need to block or bypass a pipeline we have a pipeline plug for your application. Just contact us.

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    26 August 2016