PlugCo opens Iran office in Tehran


PlugCo has announced that its office in Tehran, the capital of Iran, is now open.

PlugCo Iran

The company has conducted a lot of projects in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, China, South America, Asia, Africa and other countries. PlugCo provides high quality plugs up to 144”(DN3600) size and 6 Bar back pressure. All of PlugCo products suitable to test according to European Standard EN 1610.

“At PlugCo, we look to expand into regions where we see change,” said Tuncay Ozturk, the CEO of PlugCo. “This is a large country with a very well-educated and young population.So, we are excited. We see many opportunities, especially in infrastructure.”

In September 2016, the company attended the annual Iran Expo WATEX Exhibition where they offered its products and services which are designed for all the market segments, including water industry distributors, infrastructure project developers, municipalities, constructors, installers and private customers.

“With the fair, we reinforce our local presence in the Middle East market, is a key region for PlugCo,” said Ilhan Bora Serin, International Sales Manager of PlugCo. “Our headquarters are located in Turkey, thanks to this, we offer our array of products and services more closely and quickly to region.”

PlugCo product range

  • PP: Pipe Plug PTP: Pipe Test Plug
  • PPTP: Professional Pipe Test Plug
  • LPTP: Low Pressure Test Plug
  • CTP: Conical Pipe Test Plug
  • ESP/ESTP: Egg Shaped Test Plug
  • JTP: Joint Test Plug
  • SSTP: Single Size Test Plug
  • FPTP: Flexible Packers
  • GTP: Gas Plug
  • MTP: Manhole Test Plug
  • PPS: Pipe Plug Protective Sleeve